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Animation: Peanuts 6 Pack Sodas With Chance of Chase (Funko Shop Exclusive L.E 12,000)

Animation: Peanuts 6 Pack Sodas With Chance of Chase (Funko Shop Exclusive L.E 12,000)

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eep the members of your Peanuts™ Soda collection cool and refreshed with this Peanuts™ 6-Piece Soda and Cooler set. Only 15,000 of this Funko exclusive set were made! Inside the Funko Peanuts™ Lunch Box, you’ll find 6 Funko SODA cans containing figures of Charlie Brown™, Linus Van Pelt™, Lucy Van Pelt™, Peppermint Patty™, Snoopy™, and Woodstock™. There's a 1 in 6 chance you may find a chase variant like: Charlie Brown™ with Hat and Glove, Linus Van Pelt™ Sucking Thumb, Lucy Van Pelt™ with Football, Peppermint Patty™ with Baseball Bat, Park Ranger Snoopy™, and Park Ranger Woodstock™. Vinyl figures are approximately 4-inches tall.

The cooler features a motif of Peanuts™ comic strips. This cooler has insulated lining, a detachable shoulder strap, shiny silver-colored hardware, soda tab zipper pulls, a high-density Funko logo print for the lining, and is made of nylon.

Cooler is approximately 8” W x 5.25” H x 5.25” D (Width is measured along the bottom of the cooler.) Vinyl figures are approximately 4-inches tall.

Chase variants are shipped at random. We cannot accept requests for specific chase characters.Shak’s Pop Shop diligently screens all products we import to ensure that you are getting only the finest quality American exclusives.

Each POP! will ship in it’s original, visibly immaculate packaging with minimal shelf wear (unless otherwise specified).

All items will come with their original retailer exclusive sticker (items will not ship with special edition “over seas” stickers).

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